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Live at the Local! Loved it!

Well the day started interestingly...... Our beloved bass player got a text from the opening act to say she had "Flu" , and Sarena's Dad called to say Sarena has lost her voice due to a cold!

Great, no opening act and no lead singer?

Tamzin quickly found a semi acoustic set to open with, and Olly with Liam worked out the backing. Fantastic, we had an opening.

Sarena was determined not to let anyone down and said she would get a couple of hours sleep and see how she was, (She'd been at work that night). Matt suggested she gargled at least two litres of T.C.P .

7 Hours to go, Liam, Chris and Matt decided to set up..

Few hours later Sarena turned up looking a little worse for wear, but ready to take the T.C.P advice.She then left to get some more rest and to get ready for the gig.

The gig itself was amazing! Sarena sang perfectly, Olly rocked with his guitar powering through the ever faithful Vox. Tamzin's opening set was brilliant! Matt even managed to get a hornpipe in there somehow.

Crowd was great.. Hope to see you all next time ...

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