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Swindon Showcase

We had a great night playing the Swindon Showcase at the Underground Swindon 28th July.

Five bands played in total, Thud, Sebastian and Me, Dark Prophecy, Webb and of course us. All the bands were amazing and we had a fantastic lively crowd. We played all our songs from our new EP (Edge of Insanity) as well as mixed in favourites from our COW EP and singles (The Green and House of the Rising Sun). Ethan managed to break yet more guitar strings and bleed over his guitar but that's nothing new for him. Overall we had a great night playing and watching the other bands, check out our youtube channel to see Rosie's Room (See Below). Look out for our upcoming gigs in September (The Swindon Shuffle at the BeeHive on the 16th) and October (20th we are coming to Bristol at Chelsea Inn where we will be supporting Calling All Stations) for a lively, fun and possibly drunken night out.


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