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August 26th Gig

Haven't blogged in quite a while, sorry about that, but now I'm writing, (Alannah), hopefully I should be able to give more regular blog updates and posts. Recently we headlined at The Castle Inn in Swindon, having the pleasent opportuntity to play alongside Double Dizzle and Calling All Stations on the 26th August 2022. This gig, sadly Tamzin couldn't play as she is taking time off to have babies. This was our fist gig with our two new band members Paulina (our new vocalist) and Alannah (our new bassist) who joined us for the first time. If you missed the gig don't worry we have some exciting events happening soon including playing back at The Castle for The Swindon Shuffle, so come down and see us play with our electrifying new set including our newest singles The Green and House of The Rising Sun. While you wait, here are some pictures of the lastest gig with Double Dizzle with his banjo and Calling All Stations on the 26th August 2022.


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