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New Releases!

It's been a weird year, no live music, no studio time, no group band practice and of course no gigging. But.... this has given us time to start writing new material, and as soon as the studios opened up again earlier this month we ran back to start recording.

So, we have two new songs being released Saturday and a few songs lined up for the future

Slightly heavier sound than some of our previous work, but similar in grungy punk sound to "Lankin" our last single.

Sadly we've lost Sarena due to other commitments, so vocals are now from Matt and Liam, which has given a darker tone. We love these new songs, sure you will too .

First New Song "With You"

Dark love song, with a great Fuzz Bass, catchy fiddle melody and cranking guitars.

Next song "Coffee With Sophie" is a manic, fast punk song about being lead by the heart into uncertainty, yet compelled to follow it.

Chris our drummer says "The new songs we've been working on shows a new creative side of who we are. I feel it stands out. Coffee with Sophie is a hurricane of a song, and With you feels more relaxed, but heavy"

Liam, (guitarist) had this to say "Coffee with Sophie is a manic whirlwind of adrenaline, great for moshing and With You is a great quiet loud song"

We are really pleased with the artwork too, drawn by our bassist Tamzin.

So watch this space for some great new tunes!


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