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Edge of Insanity - New EP!

Back in February we started recording our latest EP at Evolution Studios in Oxford. As usual we had a great laugh.

Liam for some reason became inspired after reading about a few serial killers and the reasons behind such terrible actions .. So he wrote a few songs and we put some together with a couple of other heart wrenching songs we'd written. One of which is about the Aberfan disaster in South Wales in 1966.

Alannah our bassists sings for the first time on Maid of Mayhem and backing on other songs.

Maid of Mayhem video was shot while practicing at Glasshouse Studios in Oxford

The EP had a dark grunge sound. Is Celtic Grunge a thing yet? 😁

Edge of Insanity is released on 2nd June, and we have an EP release party gig at the Vic in Swindon on the 15th June. Its gonna be a great night!


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