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After months of lockdown and restricted time with band members, we were finally able to finish our new EP .. Cow..

Two original songs and two traditional songs.

Recorded at Evolution Recording Studio in Oxford, Nick Moorbath was an amazing guy to work with, and really brought out what we wanted and intended for the EP.

Although we have played together a lot it was the first time our new line up recorded together, and it just worked so well.

One of the songs on the EP was written about a night out we had around Oxford,.. appropriately called "Pub Crawl" Its high energy and almost march like in its drive.

"Marshland" tells of Liam's (our lead gutarist) Grandfather and his cow in Ireland, hence the EP title.

Although Covid restrictions had eased, it was still important to social distance, as Chris and Liam demonstrate below....

Cow is due to be release Friday 21st May 2021... We can't wait 😁


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