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A Local Gig

Great evening, well supported by our biggest fans; namely our mums! Only joking,.. while they were present, there were also some who had enjoyed our music before and some listening for the first time. Abi Myers performed a few fabulous songs by herself, I personally loved her version of Florence and the Machine’s ‘Ship to Wreck’! Then she joined us as we played some favorites, including a few originals and some Shanties. Liam even took the mic and helped with some backup in ‘Drunken Sailor’! We had some great feedback and comments, and the crowd were really with us, making it a great atmosphere! We can’t wait for our next gig!

Now for those pics I promised…


And with a great gig comes rehearsal!...

Sometimes serious…

Band Rehearsal

And sometimes not so much!

But we always have fun and enjoy it! Well most of us! …Liam smile!

Liddington Hill Muckin' about

That’s better Liam!


Sometimes we even drive Matt to the bottle!..

Liam's Dance

So we hope you enjoyed our pics,

Bye for now!

Abi's Sad Violin

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